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The Earlton Fish & Game Club was chartered in 1953. It is located in beautiful Greene County, NY. Our mission is to promote interest in Hunting, Trapping, Fishing, Shooting, Boating and any other Lawful sports; to conserve, restore, and aid in the managing the game, fish and other wildlife and its habitat in Earlton and its environs; to seek and procure better fishing and hunting for the sportsmen; to cooperate in obtaining proper respect for, and observation of, fish and game laws, and as far as possible, to spread knowledge of useful wildlife and  to encourage our youth to participate in all of the above.

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION: Click link to print: 

Thank you for your interest in the Earlton Fish and Game Club.

At this time we do not have a process to submit online applications.

The application fee is $115 ($40 initiation fee + $75 first year dues). Completed applications can be mailed, a picture of it emailed to the club email, or brought to one of the meetings. Fees are submitted with your application by either cash, check or money order made out to Earlton Fish and Game Club. Do not mail cash. You can also bring your payment to your initial meeting with the club. The link for the application is above.

You will need 2 club members to sponsor your membership and sign your application prior to submitting. You will be responsible for ensuring you get oriented to the club propery and rules before you are able to use the facilities on your own. 

Before being voted into membership, you must attend at least one in-person meeting to address the membership as to why you are interested in our club and what you have to offer. This meeting should be arranged with your sponsors. Voting generally takes place at the meeting after you attend and address the membership. You do not need to be present at that meeting and will be notified if you are voted into membership.

Meetings are held the last Friday of the month beginning at 7pm. Meeting dates may be moved to avoid conflict with holiday/special event dates.

Dinner is usually provided about 6:30pm before the meeting and there is a 50/50 raffle that the proceeds fund the meals. You are welcome to join us as a guest for dinner and the meeting to see if you are interested. 

Members are responsible for maintenance and tasks on the property. Throughout the year we host several fund-raising events such as our Club Clean Up Days, Youth Fishing Derby, the Annual Father's Day Steak Dinner and Opening Day Hunter's Breakfast. It is expected that members will participate and attend fundraising events. We also have competitive shooting matches. Fundraising is an important part of keeping the club going and paying the bills.

Email for additional information on the 'Contact Us' tab.

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